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VOGUE Modeling is a Cary, North Carolina based corporation, with affiliates in Chicago, IL, Columbus, Ohio, New York, NY and Tampa, Florida. In 1989, Vogue Studios, a high powered production company which provided entertainment for corporate events, was founded as a division of Images Holding Corporation(IHC). Today, Vogue Studios is Vogue Modeling with collectively over thousands of people attending Vogue Affairs. Vogue today brings a collage of magazine and newspaper affiliates, student training through Vogue Studios, Major Productions, Mall Events, Bridal Shows, Television, Movies, Hair Expos and more.

What makes Vogue better than the rest?
The professionalism in which we operate, the dedication to service in which we pride ourselves on, and the staff's ability to organize events show capabilities to follow through on any project with minimal or no constant intervention. You tell us what you want, how you want it, when you want it, then leave the rest to us ....a full Hawaiian luau, a Paris walkway with the Effiel Tower background, a Japanese fantasy, a Bahamian treat, it's yours for the asking.

Here are some examples of large events contracted by Vogue:
• The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women(NANBPW). With over 4 thousand women in attendance, we coordinated, choreographed, commentated, and hosted several of their affairs in large, lavish hotels, banquet halls, and auditoriums across the United States.
• OCCHA, the National Hispanic Organization; we organized their annual city festivals in different cities across the State of Ohio, providing entertainment such as latino dancers, Mexican singers, Spanish style decor, and hosting for the entire affair.
• The "Premier Prom Expo", the largest prom event for high school students, was founded and established by the Vogue Corporation. Aligning with formalwear companies, limousine companies, florist, restaurants, and other vendors that would have a stake in prom season, Vogue managed to take the prom event to another level. By bringing thousands of high school students out to a central location(Raleigh, NC Civic & Convention Center last place held), and presenting prom wear from some of the areas most prominent formalwear companies, Vogue has managed to provide a service that many have only ever dreamed about, and have taken it to several cities across the Nation with an overwhelming response.
We can, will, and do deliver!

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